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Guys – Good morning you dirty Daddies

So…just wanted to give a bit of a window into a sluts experience here on Fet, and what is, and ISNT within a slut girls powers.

  1. Gay or trans men often write me asking “Hey girl, how can I suck all these straight cocks with you? I want to be a gang bang slut too”. Unfortunately, us fet girls aren’t fairy god mothers. Straight men, will never want to fuck another man, that’s the definition of straight. Focus on the bi and gay community. Kisses.
  2. Straight men often write me saying “Hey bitch when is it my turn?”. This type of message is problematic. Why? Simply this; this type of individual is undermining his own psydo “Dom-ness” by being aggressive and then asking a question. A Dom doesn’t ask “why?” He makes a plan and creates a “when”. A Dom doesn’t call a woman a “bitch”, he gets her so turned on through his mastery of flirting that she BEGS him to do degradation play. A Dom doesn’t ask “when is it my turn”, a Dom fascinates a woman so deeply that forever and always it is ONLY “his turn”.
  3. Men often write and ask “When will you be in Ohio/NYC/Europe?”. This is the absolute wrong question, and the absolute wrong content for a first message. Guys, imagine you’re a girl with a quarter million followers. Now imagine you open your inbox in the morning to 1300 new messages overnight. Now imagine that 30% of them are “hey”, and the other 70% are “when are you coming to my city”. You’d simply do a mass delete. You wouldn’t be bothered. We Fet girls don’t KNOW you. You have built no report. You have not captured our interest. You are simply a statistic, a number, a dick, in an endless sea of dicks….so STOP asking “when” and start INSPIRING us to see you as somebody we would INTENTIONALLY go to see. Be a exclamation point, not a question mark.
  4. Men write me all the time, from unverified profiles, asking me to send them a “verification pic”. Do you understand the irony? Good. STOP DOING IT. Moving on.
  5. Guys, talking directly to you here. We girls here, through both experience and intuition, can spot a liar a mile away. When you write us offering a million different things, or making a million BIG statements (“I love you and I’ll do anything for you, anything! Just give me your number and then I’ll send you money after we talk!!!”) we are already hip to your game. Real Sugar Daddies send money first. Real Doms don’t make demands. Real men with confidence don’t tell you how much they make, or how much they have. Real rich guys Under Promose and Over Deliver. Don’t make promises…DO actions. There is NO quicker way to turn us off then to offer the world, then say “oh but I can’t give it to you until next week”. Read that again.
  6. Guys, if you’re having sexual thoughts/obsessions about underage girls, seek help. We get SO many “do you have any content of you when you were young” messages it’s crazy. I am personally committed to healing this demographic of child predators from Fetlife. Your obsession is not a kink, it’s an illness, an illness that can permanently ruin an innocent person’s life. If you’re struggling with these types of thoughts, or are thinking of acting on them, please contact

That should be enough to chew on for now….and that’s a heavy one to end on I know, but we Fet girls are all circling the wagons these days, to make the community a better place, and are committed to shining light into the darkest corners, for the betterment of everyone.



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