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Don’t Be A Fucking Dickhead, Guys

Fetlife is sort of like Pokemon.

You run into all sorts of creatures here.

The “Dom”. The “sub”. The “Cuck”. The “primal”

But there’s a certain sub species of sexual deviant that is the most quietly troubling, of all.

The “Innocent” Sexual Predator, otherwise called “The Pushy ‘Nice’ guy”.

Check out the following email exchange:

Guy: Hey there my name is -=——– on fetlife and I recently added you as a friend. I’m 22 hung and very dominant with very few limits. Any chance you would be interested in flying out to me? I live in the Detroit Michigan area. I bet we could have lots of fun together and make some amazing filthy content. It’s very rare to find a girl as sexy and kinky as you are so just lmk if your interested and we can talk more details.

Me: You found me! You sound sweet. I’m going to ask though, that you read my profile page, FAQ’s page, and various writings, before we proceed. I don’t meet and play before verification, and I also don’t give out my kik, text, or snap, before verification. Also, please don’t ask for free samples of my content, or to facetime, before you’ve gone through my process. Don’t want to take the fun out of it, just need to protect myself;) (sends him list of content prices, and meet up options)

Guy: Hmmm. Ok, I can afford about half of what your asking for content. How about this. You facetime me right now, send me some free content, and you can convince me why I should use you. You need to verify with me, I need to know you first. We need to talk so I can get comfortable with you. You should do this for me.

Me: What? No. Did you not read what I just said? My content is’nt free. And why are you asking for me to ‘verify” with you? You wrote to me, from my VERIFIED profile. Is YOUR profile verified?

Guy: I totally get that and I totally respect it. Truly. Just let’s videochat baby. Or just talk on the phone. This isn’t much to ask, at all. Any real girl would do this, no questions asked.

Me: I just told you no.

More advice on not being a fucking dickhead below …

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… continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I finger my own asshole more when I get more comments).

Keep Reading Guys

Guy: I’d like to FaceTime you or talk on kik or Snapchat or something first just so I can make sure your real and we can plan out a date then I will pay you if that’s ok? I’m a nice guy, this is’nt alot to ask.

Me: No.

Guy: Sorry just want to make sure your real lol. Can you give me your snap or kik and we can talk then I’ll pay you. lol. Just want to be sure your actually interested and will come fly out here or if there’s other guys you have met up with that I could talk to and make sure that they had a good experience that would be good too. Thank in advance. You’re awesome.

Me: So not only are you ignoring me, now you want me to betray the anonymity of my other partners, for a person with no boundaries. NO, I SAID, NO.

Guy: Well I’m sure your real and I can verify too I just want to make sure you will actually come fly out to me. I’ve already looked you up online, I know where you live😉

Me: Okay, honestly, you’re terrifying. If you don’t listen to my rules outside the bedroom, I’m sure I can’t trust you to listen INSIDE the bedroom

Guy: Alright sorry we couldn’t work something out lmk if you change your mind I’m not asking for much just want to talk to you a little more. It’s easy, just send me some free previews, and just give me your number and kik and skype. I’m a good guy, you can trust me. Just do what I want.

Me: Fuck you. You’re blocked on Fet. I’m going to warn people about you.

Guy: Well seems like I dodged a bullet anyway you seem very unstable with very unrealistic expectations I simply wanted to talk somewhere else, and get your content previews, and chat on the phone, and talk to 5 or 6 guys you’ve been with, before I send you money online idk why you would have to warn people about me because of that lol I really get the feeling that you are just trying to scam people on here. If you were real you’d do what I say.


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My Fucking Conclusion On This Matter

I know these kinds of guys. You’re in bed with them, they cross a line, you tell them no, and they just smile in a detached, dreamy eyed sort of way and say “come on baby”, and keep going. It’s like you’re not even there, you’re just a set piece, in a narrative they are living in their head. They mumble “I’m a nice guy, I’m a nice guy” over and over in their head, as they fumble for your bra strap…while you keep pushing them away.

And that’s what’s terrifying about them….because they SEEM like “nice” guys. They hold doors. They say the right things. They are “non threatening”. They claim to like Hillary Clinton and the woman’s movement…but at the end of the day, they are going to do whatever they want to do, no matter what your wants, are.

They are the Trojan horses of the kink community. The scary thing is that they actually THINK they are nice guys. They honestly don’t understand how a woman wouldn’t just immediately give into them…because they feel like “I have done everything right! I’ve said all the right things! I’m a NICE guy!”

I think of them like dogs who have expected to get a treat after every trick, and when the day comes where a sweet morsel is’nt immediately extended after they claim to be a SJW/say they have black friends/tell you they cried at LittleWomen then they revert back to a more feral animal who believes it has “earned a treat, and it WILL HAVE that treat”.

It’s the most dangerous sort of delusion.

Has anyone else here encountered this particular Pokemon?