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  1. Hey bitch you know what it is I got farts and you eat them past noon you gonna find out what Niles from Frasier was talkin bout.
  2. Milady. Perchance does a squires interest so pure fall upon thigh heart? I would love to shove hot dogs in your rear hole.
  3. I want to get ficked up on car exhaust with you. Do you ever suck from exhaust pipe?
  4. I got huge shits for you. Who are you voting for?
  5. Hello Kristy. My name is David, I’m 58 years old, retired, father of 4. I’m wondering if you’ve ever ridden a man like a horse before? This is my passion. I would love for you to sit on my back and ride me around the enclosure I have created. I am on a diet of only oats and apples (from a bag) and I am very weak.
  6. “Hello I am man. I eat semens. Do not tell anyone except God. How many semens? Only enough to make fat, but not enough to cause cancer. Everything is fine”
  7. “Kristy you fucking sweet rose clown face, I would like to blow up balloons all over you and then pop them. As each one pops my balls will become more full until I am also a balloon. Then you will pop ME. Who did you vote for and are you political?”
  8. “I cum on a pizza crust and then eat the crust. Thank you”
  9. “My name is Tony. My interests are dirt, standing, and looking at insane things. Let me know when you will be in town and we can go to the train station and stare at things. I am 15”
  10. “Yo bitch. You ever been in a Escalade? Bitch. Bang bang you know what it is. Write me back or I’ll end your fucking life

More insane messages below …

korrupted kristy kivlin

More fucking insane messages – I wish these were made up, but no …

  1. When I was young I would hide in the bushes and spray my elderly neighbors with the hose and now when I think about it I get hard.
  2. Hello, I am a straight man but I love sucking cock. Tell me, am I gay. I am afraid I”m gay. Please go and comment on all my photos and like all my photos. You will see me fisting my ass and wearing lipsticks. Please help me to know if I am gay. I am straight.
  3. I am a boy and my pronouns are boy/man/furniture. You would be very pleased to sit in me, or be contained in my drawers. When is the last time that you had a man who could also be a table/chair/rocking chair?
  4. YOU FUCKING WHORE WHERE IS IT YOU ARE HIDING. Bang bang bitch, that’s the sound you’re gonna get real used to cause if you don’t send your address I’m gonna fucking cap your ass. NOW KRISTY. SEND IT NOW. I got a glock 9mm just waiting for you. DON’T FUCKING PLAY. ADDRESS NOW BITCH. fucking clown. Yo0u do what a man says
    to do.
  5. Have you ever even thought to consider the feelings or thoughts of the poops that live in you that are being violated and crowded by others insane cocks going in the hole? I don’t hink you have because you are very selfish. Don’t be like Bonnie who I know doenst even care. Be good an imagine what poops think? Is that so hard? I’m tired of everyone get’s a prize. Be a good person.
  6. Ok. Don’t play dumb. I am knowing that you have been the one to be putting thoughts into my mind. DO NOT pretend I am NOT AN IDIOT. You will release these thoughts and you will COME to the LORD. I have never had sinful thoughts and now I am having them? NOT LIKELY. You will need to ask for forgiveness NOW. What is your number?
  7. Yo bitch. Bang bang. Ion know you know what that’s about bitch. You tryna link or not bitch? Don’t play bitch.
  8. Hello Kristy! Big fan! Wondering what your thoughts on eating human remains are? Lol. No, no, I’m not crazy, I just have a big fantasy around what it’s like to eat human meat. I’m totally harmless guy, and it’s a total insane fantasy….but, if you were to be mine and we did it safely, would you consider allowing me to eat a small part of you? Can’t wait to hear back. Kisses. Lol.
  9. Hey. 5’9. 26 inch cock. Virgin. Please wrote me back or I’ll kill myself. Also, best anime? Thoughts?
  10. In all of my life I have never seen a more beautiful girl. I’ve sent you a picture of my bank account (2400.00 total) so you know I’m serious about marrying you and being with you forever. You will serve my needs and only me. Don’t worry, all your needs will be payed attention to. I will give you any color of car you desire, and also fruits and socks. You must answer now without delay, otherwise I will have anger.

Lol…my god. Insane messages … you fuckers are fucking nuts.

korrupted kristy kivlin 45

11. Hey bitch send me all your videos and pics and I will put them for free on the internet so to blackmail you and you will live in my basement and be without food or water. Trump 2024.

12. I want to impregnate you and raise our daughter to be an even bigger slut and have 3 somes together. I work as a middle school teacher so I’m great with kids. Don’t worry.

13. Yo bitch my girl WAY badder then you just so you know and now you acting like yo shit don’t stink fucking stuck up bitch I’m not even interested in you but if you wanna fly to us that be cool too. Lmk

14. Farts are a very misunderstood thing and I’ll elaborate. Facts is that it’s a type of communication from your body and if you listen it is a type of intelligence that can tell many secret. MANY secret. They are NOT funny and many secret cam be known and society is mislead. How many times I have said this? Please stop wasting my time.

15. I’m a virgin and 500 pounds and I’m going to need you to get to know my parents so they will allow you to come over. (Sends address) Please show up this weekend with a pot luck dish to my grandma’s funeral and we can go from there. I have already let them know you are my girlfriend and will be moving in.