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1. “Hey, so would you ever do a 3 some with 2 men? I can show you if you’re not familiar. Are you near my house? What is your address? Please bring a dish or soda because i havent been shopping. Also, can you pick me up? Thanks “

2. “So what does a man have to do to get you pregnant and then raise that daughter to be a slut so we can all film together? Also I have to tell you I’m a registered sex offender, but that’s like not an issue. Lol”

3. “I need you to shit on the floor of my condo and then perchance insert both feet into my mouth and also Anus all at the same time. What do you think of the election coming up? I’m conservative and Christian”

4. “What are some different types of sex that can be done? I know about of course bugs, and then also of course waiting to get a package, but if they won a war and it was like a different time without laws do it make fudge or also ducks are continuing to talk to me. I am in the hoapital.”

5. “Yo bitch we doing big things finna bang bang bang in Dat ass yo what gud shawty just being real you know how it be cause then only playas know dem games cause da truth cause real talk girl you be knowing that how it be as well cause we gotta give it up to the one who be it all over town you know what I mean?”

More insane messages below …

korrupted kristy 48 kristy kivlin 12

More fucking insane messages – I wish these were made up, but no …

6. “Are you free? Where you, right now? I will show you dick right now, but for no money and you must come to me right now. How is that for you right now? You ready? Do it right now. Right now I will need you here my beauitiful bby girl please my horny is too hard”

7. “I’m a rich Daddy and I want to buy everything you may have that’s not posted here..what do you have? BUT you will send it to me FIRST without asking for payment. I will then pleasure myself to the files. IF you can make me cum many times then I will send payment but IF not, then you will be satisfied knowing that you have failed and I keep the content for free. Is this agreeable? Yes it is. Send now. Do not make me.punish you”

8. “One time I put a real snake in my ass and I had to go to the hospital and also Covid is’nt real it is a governmetn plan to control you, so you must be smart about things. Did you know that reptiles also live in your brain?”

9. “How many feet of your own can you fit in your ass at one timme? Toes and heel, otherwise this doesn’t count and you will need to try again. Do you ever eat your own toenails?”

10. “Hello ma’am. A bit about me. 56, retired, ex military. I love to keep a woman in a cage and beat her with lengths of hose, starve her, and make sure she is always bruised and bleeding. You will be broken and used and disposed of in a drainage ditch. Also, I enjoy spending time with my grandson, and collecting model trains. Would you like to be beaten until you have to go to the hospital? What is your favorite holiday? Mine is Easter. I love God and enjoy church services. Love. William”

Lol…my god. Insane messages …

korrupted kristy kivlin 45

11. Hey bitch send me all your videos and pics and I will put them for free on the internet so to blackmail you and you will live in my basement and be without food or water. Trump 2024.

12. I want to impregnate you and raise our daughter to be an even bigger slut and have 3 somes together. I work as a middle school teacher so I’m great with kids. Don’t worry.

13. Yo bitch my girl WAY badder then you just so you know and now you acting like yo shit don’t stink fucking stuck up bitch I’m not even interested in you but if you wanna fly to us that be cool too. Lmk

14. Farts are a very misunderstood thing and I’ll elaborate. Facts is that it’s a type of communication from your body and if you listen it is a type of intelligence that can tell many secret. MANY secret. They are NOT funny and many secret cam be known and society is mislead. How many times I have said this? Please stop wasting my time.

15. I’m a virgin and 500 pounds and I’m going to need you to get to know my parents so they will allow you to come over. (Sends address) Please show up this weekend with a pot luck dish to my grandma’s funeral and we can go from there. I have already let them know you are my girlfriend and will be moving in.