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Oh My Fucking God

Guy: Hey Kristy thanks so much for giving me your email. I know it says on your profile not to ask where you live but where do you live? Anyway, I’d love to learn about how to get your content and how to meet up and potentially play?

Me: (Sends content list)

Guy: I want the fuckholes in the next party, the content sounds great to see but I want to be part of it. And I have my own company jet. I dont need help getting anywhere lol. What do you think about getting reamed in your ass for a couple days with a hot guy?

Me: What are you talking about? I didn’t say you needed to fly anywhere. I fly direct to anybody I’m serious about playing with.

Guy: Ok so I’ll be the one setting up the gangbang for you? You need me to call you and discuss?

Me: What? No. My gangbangs are all scheduled for the next year. Once you verify I’ll give you the dates and you can attend.

Guy: Wait, so you want me to use my jet to fly all the men to the gangbangs? Ok. What’s your number and can you send me content before I pay?

Me: Dude. I never asked that. And no, obviously I’m not sending free content.

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… continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I finger my own asshole more when I get more comments).

More Of This Bullshit

Guy: Ok this is great. So I set up the gangbang and fly the guys in. Can you walk me through it I’ve never done this.

Me: Ok. You’re obviously not able to comprehend anything I’m saying. Take care.

Guy: Can I buy you anal toys? Only anal.

Me: I don’t need toys. I have WAY too many. If you want to buy me something, buy my content… that would be much more helpful.

Guy: Ok so you send your content for free and then I buy you anal toys? And when am I planning the gangbang for?

Me: Are you mentally ill?

Guy: Can I please order you a buttplug? I’m sure there is a store where you can just claim it without giving me info.

Guy: Hello?

Me: Dude. I DON’T want a buttplug. Simply get my content.

Guy: Let me get you some toys. I really find you extremely attractive honestly…, I’m not sure how you go about these things. Most meetups i’ve had are people I meet then it goes from there, you on the other hand, I dont know but seem so damn perfect 😉

So if you’d like some toys pick them out. If you want me to just get content be honest about it. If I can help in your next gangbang let me know. cheers

Me: literally just told you, I don’t want toys, get my content. What are you talking about “be honest about it”?

Guy: That’s fine! And I will. I just meant to say what you need I’m in. I want to play with you and you wont have to worry about anything. As long as you’re ok with a lot of anal sex.

Me: Ok. You’re lost. Take care.

Guy: Lol sorry but I thought I needed to arrange it all, but it seems you have that covered. But i get it ill be invited once I verify. Id still really like to get you some more anal toys in the meantime. I’m not really interested in solo time.

Me: *throws computer out window





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