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1. Yours is one of the names that anyone who has been on Fet for a while will know. But the question everyone wants to know is, who was it who corrupted Kristy in the first place? And what the hell happened?

Korrupted Kristy…who am I…hmmm…Well, I’m a little sweet, little psycho, and ALOT cock obsessed. I look at cock as my purpose, and have been trained, and then trained myself, to drain cocks in the same way that Elon Musk makes money; efficiently. Lol. Besides that I’m a lot of things, I love my friends, I love to party, I love yoga, bodysuits, cat’s, the game fruit ninja…lol

2. So what’s the score with you these days. Shine a light into your world for us… Are you single and looking for fun, got a regular partner(s), or ?????

I’m sort of in a “it’s complicated” situation (I tend to care too much sometimes) but it’s non exclusive and I’m currently looking for some high caliber men/daddies to help take me to the next level. I want to film double anal on a helicopter, or a bukkake on a mega yacht. Besides that I routinely fuck men who have verified with me from Fetlife. Like, lots, and lots of men. Lol

3. What does rough sex mean to you, and could you ever see yourself living without it?

Rough sex, or ruff sex? Lol. It means feeling the cock in me for hours after the play session is over. It means cumming hard. It means the perfect amount of being dominated and being in charge. It means having my asshole gaped into oblivion. It means having my throat filled with cock…I could go on…

4. Tell us about one of your first rough sex experiences, what went down and how did it make you feel? And did it naturally make you want more?

I was in a 711 buying candy my senior year of highschool, and this guy was just staring at me…so I flashed him, he followed me outside, and then fucked me so hard behind a dumpster I couldn’t walk. He was pushing my face into the dirt and spitting on my ass..and using it as lube to shove a beer bottle into my shithole. It was… amazzzinngggg!

5. You’re pretty famous for a clip of a couple of Boston dudes pissing inside your pussy, and making you drink it back out through a long tube. Is that a drink you’d order again, and how much fun was it to be treated like that?

Hehe. That was so nasty. I actually hate drinking piss, which is exactly why I like it. I like when things feel “wrong” or fucked up. I recently had 10 men cum in my ass, then piss in it, then fill it with coke and mentos…then they made me lick the explosive mess off the floor. Ugh. Mi amore.

6. Pussy drinks aside, what’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done (that you’re prepared to admit on here, at least!)?

Lol. I can’t talk about that. Banned too many times before. I could have a whole other fetlife, with thousands of pics and vids, just of all the stuff I CAN’T post. Lol

7. Tell us about one of the roughest sex experiences you’ve had that seriously got you off?

Refer to question 4.

8. Is there anything you look back on in your sex life that you wish hadn’t happened?

I flew out to Dubai to fuck a prince and his buddies, and their cocks were SO small and they all came SO quick. Total letdown. I did have fun hanging out with their tigers though. Those big cats were almost arousing….how dominate and scary they were.

korrupted kristy 2

9. What would you say to other girls looking to get in on the rough group sex scene? Go for it, or tread cautiously, and why?

Find rich guys to host it (houses are nicer, they pay for everything), and make sure there are an equal amount men and women, and that you’re close with the women. You want to have girls or trusted guys having your back. Also, do LOTS of enemas beforehand…don’t want to be worrying about any messes….. although I know a lot of nasty Daddies who like that… and I like them;)

10. Do you know your ‘number’, or if not, and you had to take an educated guess… what do you think it is?

More than 100…less than 10,000. Lol.

11. What are your thoughts on barebacking these days?

I ADORE barebacking. That’s all I want. It’s funny though, some guys assume I”m “dirty” or have STD’s because of all these bareback photos, but listen, I”m a professional slut, and am very strict about testing and protocol. I make sure men get tested, I vet people, and I am in the clinic once a week. I may be a wild slut, but I”m also one who wants to fuck forever..and that doesn’t happen if you don’t take care of yourself.

12. Are you looking for cool guys to hook up with for fun, and if so, what kind of people should light up your inbox?

Refer to question 2

13. You have more than 600 pics on your profile and a handful of vids. If people want to see more of you, how can they do that? Are you on OnlyFans, or do you have a site you allow access to? Tell us, and we’ll tell 114,000 Rough Sex group fans!

OnlyFans: Banned and deleted. Patreon; Banned and Deleted. Fansonly: Banned and deleted. Etc, etc. Sense the theme here? lol. So now I keep it close to the vest…and only deal with interested men 1 on 1. If you’re really sick and depraved and want to access the stuff I can’t post here….you can email me at One request though…PLEASE do not ask for samples, previews, or sneak peaks. My whole profile is a sneak peak. Lol

14. If you could change one thing about yourself, and one thing about your life, what would they be?

I would haver never stopped doing yoga daily. It’s very hard to get flexibility back after losing it. I still do it…but my practice is slacking.

15. Tell us five things which make @KorruptedKristy happiest. And two of them have to be completely non-sexual… 😉

Stuffed animals. Unicorns. Getting my asshole pissed in after it’s been fisted so the hole is like a target (i love the Respectful men who are also animals in the bedroom. Men who under promise and overdeliver. Popsicles. Scary movies (so I can cuddle you) Kisses. Lol.

korrupted kristy 10