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Want To Fuck Me?

I’m fascinated by men, in the context of Fetlife.

There’s this delicate balance that needs to be struck by them, if they want any chance of being successful.

So many men come at me, and other women here, with this bossy, pushy attitude, as if they believe this is what it is to be a “Dom”.

I can’t tell you how many guys are just immediately demanding, rude, pushy, aggressive, and over the top….and are honestly flabbergasted when I tell them I don’t “like” this sort of behavior.

“But I thought you were a sub” they say.

The thing about subs, guys, is that a sub CHOOSES to submit to a Master. It’s her CHOICE. Before that moment arrives alot of trust and time is spent, and given. Alot of back and forth, jokes, stories, feelings, are shared. Mutual respect is given.

So many men miss this. So many men think that every woman on Fet is a mindless sex cyborg, activated by having tasteless, pushy, inarticulate demands thrown her way.

Trust me, it’s not that way

To win over a sub you have to “be like water”, as Bruce Lee says. If you want to fuck me, you have to understand the balance of seduction, the game of both pushing, and pulling.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do. I recently gave a man my kik, as he seemed serious, well employed, kinky, and like he wanted to really wanted to enhance my experience.

He immediately started to ask questions that are all clearly answered on my profile, and when I told him to please go back and re read that profile, this was his response:

“You gave me your kik. We are no longer on talking on fetlife. You will answer my questions here. My time is valuable”



More want to fuck me below …

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Want to fuck me continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I get off on reading your shit. Not commenting is a fucking dick move.)

Be A Fucking Leader

When a man starts talking like that he immediately reveals himself to be a “non dom”, and instead paints the picture of a man who demands to be in control, but doesn’t know how to LEAD.

Women want leaders, not control freaks.

I’m thinking of putting together a course that covers how to strike that balance of give and take, push and pull, water and fire.

I see so many men get SO frustrated here on fet because they aren’t getting immediately soaked in pussy, and they start to blame women, instead of evaluating their approach, profile, copy, fetish list, opening messages, etc.

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking accountability in our “failures” when it comes to our Fet experience.

Profile ONLY cock photos? Maybe that’s playing a part.

Avatar a drawing of a clown strangling a woman? Maybe change that.

Opening messages consisting of demands, sexual violence, and grammar atrocities? Could be somthing to look into.

Anyway, just somthing I’m musing on.


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