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  1. Have you tried to be furniture
  3. Dearest Kristy. I am here to enquire about the banned content you have available on offer. Do you perhaps have any videos of you being sewn into a large piece of beef, so only your head sticks out, or any of you eating bits of aluminum foil? How about you getting a cavity filled while nude? Anything like this?
  4. Yo bitch I wish a Nigga would try me cause bang bang you know what it is Nigga be tripping but we outside come check real quick finna tryna cum Nigga
  5. Hello I have a small penis and I’m a vrogin and I have no job and I weigh 350 pounds and I live at home with no money cause pokemon is LYFE. Lol. Would you fuck me?

More insane messages below …

korrupted kristy kivlin

More fucking insane messages – I wish these were made up, but no …

  1. Girl u take time machne back and I fuk you when you 12 year old? This totally is notmal and also can you rate my cock?
  2. Yo Kristy. Jason here. Hung. Caucasian. 6’4. HIV positive. Ex convict (attempted murder. Acquitted) Diaherraha fetish. You in?
  3. Sorry I forgot to say she does have a couple rules but she will not fuck black guys. She does like to tease them tho and be mean tho lol. She like to talk a lot of shit mostly to get her pussy wrecked but with Black she just want to cause blue balls
  4. Go go one tiny you did me or cause I think many times and the Bible? wow i never did do before id love to feel it though. Whales.
  5. Hey bitch you want fuck? How much you pay me?

Lol…my god. Insane messages … you fuckers are fucking nuts.

korrupted kristy kivlin 45

11. Hey bitch send me all your videos and pics and I will put them for free on the internet so to blackmail you and you will live in my basement and be without food or water. Trump 2024.

12. I want to impregnate you and raise our daughter to be an even bigger slut and have 3 somes together. I work as a middle school teacher so I’m great with kids. Don’t worry.

13. Yo bitch my girl WAY badder then you just so you know and now you acting like yo shit don’t stink fucking stuck up bitch I’m not even interested in you but if you wanna fly to us that be cool too. Lmk

14. Farts are a very misunderstood thing and I’ll elaborate. Facts is that it’s a type of communication from your body and if you listen it is a type of intelligence that can tell many secret. MANY secret. They are NOT funny and many secret cam be known and society is mislead. How many times I have said this? Please stop wasting my time.

15. I’m a virgin and 500 pounds and I’m going to need you to get to know my parents so they will allow you to come over. (Sends address) Please show up this weekend with a pot luck dish to my grandma’s funeral and we can go from there. I have already let them know you are my girlfriend and will be moving in.