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Getting Laid Takes More Than A Little Work On Your Part

So, just want to help expand the collective consciousness of the uninitiated male population of Fetlife.

So, let’s just get something straight. Fetlife, is not some fantasy world where social graces, decorum, and general manners don’t apply.

This is not a mystical kingdom where human decency is not needed, or necessary, to get to home base with a woman.

Fetlife is not a lawless, rule less jungle, where the strongest cavemen get to simply drag women into a cave by their hair.

It’s actually quite the OPPOSITE, but if you pay attention, and apply yourself, it can be your cocks best friend.

What does that mean? Well, read on….

1.) So, first things first. Manners matter. I know, I know, you just watched 50 shades of grey and think that being rude/demanding/stern is synonymous with Domhood. Im here to tell you, IT’S NOT. Real Dom’s do not demand power, they already have it. Real Doms don’t act rude, nor do they tolerate rudeness. Real Dom’s are protectors and providers, not dominators and aggressors. Real Dom’s make a woman feel safe, secure, and excited…and then that women GIVES that Dom here submission.

Submission is GIVEN, not taken.

Read that again.

More advice on getting laid and not sending me stupid messages below …

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… continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I finger my own asshole more when I get more comments).

Really Read This Shit Guys

2.) Second, real world rules still apply here. What does that mean? It means that you should conduct yourself here, in the same way you would in the real world. Be well groomed. Be articulate. Be authentic. Have manners. Be realistic. (that’s a BIG one…so many guys are not REALISTIC about what Fet is, and is’nt) Be kind. Be chivalrous (this doesnt mean being a simp, or a cuck…it means be a man…hold doors, offer value) Be respectful.

3.) And following up on that last point, Third, since when did Slut become synonymous with somebody who you disrespect? Like, really think about it. If the fantasy you’re trying to turn into reality is that the female population evolves into kinky, slutty, cock crazed sex maniacs, why would you EVER treat a “slut” disrespectfully? Let’s just get something straight, if you’re a man who thinks that being a Dom is synonymous with hating/disrespecting/controlling women, you’re an abuser who hates women (maybe your mom was abusive, maybe you’ve faced more then your fair share of rejection, maybe your sadness has turned to anger) not a Dom.

4.) Fourth. You have to give something, to get something. You have to work hard to get laid. Nowhere, in the history of the human experience, have high value women chosen the man with nothing to offer. Never happened. Ever. If you are looking to get with a big time fet slut you have to understand she has heard IT ALL BEFORE. Every pick up line. Every demand. Every fantasy. She is tired of it. What she want’s is something real. What she wants, is something exciting. So what does that mean? It means be a man among men. Be successful. Be funny. Be charming. Be a man that people want to follow. Be an amazing cook. Be an amazing friend. An amazing Dad. Be an amazing musician. Be amazing at trivia. Be a leader. Be an earner. Be a stand up comedian that makes her laugh. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that is attractive, shiny, and desirable.


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Work Hard, Get Laid

5.) Put yourself in that woman’s shoes, and imagine her perspective. Hey, you might not care about hooking up, getting a girlfriend, a sub, or a slave off fet….and if that’s the case, go ahead, have pictures of Satan on your profile, never post anything but dick pics, and write a bio that talks about how you can only get off to the sound of a woman crying….but if you DO want to be successful…..Long story short, have a profile that doesnt make you seem like a serial killer. The way you present yourself MATTERS here. Again, it’s not some magical world where you “get sluts” no matter how you conduct yourself. If your linkdn profile had a picture of Satan having sex with a dog with a womans face do you think you’d get hired? No? Weird? Then why do you think that works here? I have literally told men, over, and over, and over “change your profile pic and you’ll be more successful” and they respond with some argument that “sluts here don’t get to tell me what to do, sluts should be happy with whatever I give them!”

Guess how often that guy is gonna get laid. Never. Exactly, never, is the answer.

I’ll stop there for now, but this is going to be an ongoing series. Why? Because I believe good sex makes the world go round, and I want EVERYONE to get laid more often.