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Your Communication Skills Probably Suck …

Let’s chat about your communication skills. By you, I mean the 100 million+ horny men who want to fuck in this country.

So I’ve gotten no less then 50 “Hey, when you’re in (insert city here) just let me know, I’d love to fuck you” in the past hour.

Men, has any woman who you don’t know, EVER “let you know” when she was in “your” city?

Seriously? Has this ever happened?

All day men send me this request. They don’t ask to get to know me, they don’t build any sort of connection, they don’t offer value, they just ask that I keep their photoless profile in mind, and message them specifically to fuck, when I show up in “their” city.

This truly baffles me.

So I”m taking a poll. Has this EVER worked for you?

Seriously. Have you ever messaged a woman you have ZERO history with and just requested that she, with no planning, or encouragement, just keeps you in mind the next time she lands in Flint Michigan…and she DID?

More advice on improving your communication skills with women below …

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… continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I finger my own asshole more when I get more comments).

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Guys? Girls? Has this happened to you?

Idk….what I do know though, is that I have never, ever, remembered the photoless profile on fet that messaged me “yo, I got dick if you ever in Tampa Florida hit me up” and called them, begging for cock.

Why? Because if I”m going somewhere there is a 100% possibility it’s because I’m already going to see a man.

So, if you want me in your city, your town, or your bed, you should probably…you know…MAKE IT HAPPEN. I visit guys ALL the time…like 24/7 but absolutely none of them opened with “if you’re ever in my town, let me know”….instead, they made me WANT to go to their town…..they lured me in…like a kitten to the milk.



That is all


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