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Getting Ass Means You Aren’t Acting Like An Asshole

Oh hello beautiful fet people! So I just wanted to give a pro tip to all the pseudo doms, big talkers, and any person who generally wants something from a girl on Fet, or a girl irl.

So, are you ready? This is going to CHANGE your life? Ready?

Listen to her.

I know, I know, CRAZY, but it WORKS!

Getting ass comes later … but it will come.

Weirdly enough alot of women actually have opinions, boundaries, and ways in which they like and DON’T like to do things. Take this correspondence I recently had in my DM’s, for example:

Guy: Hey Kristy I am toally in love with you and would do anything for you. How can I access your nasty fucked up content, meet you, or send you gifts? Can I get your number?

Kristy: Hey hunny…thhannkkk youuuu for the message. Very sweet. So I don’t give out my number, kik, whatsapp, etc, until after I get to know somebody…..and I don’t talk explicit details here either. I’ll meet you in the middle though, and give you my email. It’s korruptedshitholeslut! I just ask that you actually READ my profile before contacting me. It covers my living situation, that I don’t send content samples, and a bunch of other stuff. Ok, kisses.

More advice on getting ass enough to last you for weeks below …

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… continued (by the way fucking COMMENT below! I finger my own asshole more when I get more comments).

What The Fuck

Guy: Babygirl! You wrote back! Here’s my number 111-1111-1111 and my kik +++++ message me there! Can’t wait!

Kristy: Ummmm. Are you joking? READ my message.

Guy: I did babygirl! it’s okay if you don’t text me right away! We can just message here. Feel free to get into EXPLICIT details here…I want to hear all of it. Also send me some content samples.

Kristy: You have to be kidding.

Guy: Oh I’m serious about you girl. Call me right now, let’s facetime. Where do you live?


Guy: Whoa, whoa, settle down sweetheart. Tell Daddy what’s wrong.

Guy: Kristy? Are you gonna send content samples?

Guy: Yo, I took the time out of my schedule to write to you. You can at least have the curtesy of responding.

Guy: Fucking scam. Bitch.

Guy: You there?

Guy (over email): Hey Kristy, me again, from Fet.

Kristy: Who? A bunch of guys write me.

guy: (sends fet profile name) I’m the guy you said you’d send content too and wanted to facetime.

Guy: Hello?


Guy: Fucking bitch, you’ve been reported.

And, scene!

Amazing right? I have this interaction about 100 times a week.


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My Fucking Conclusion On This Matter

Some of the guys are psychotic, some of them are asocial, some of them are just incredibly wounded men, who project the slings and arrows of the entire world onto a woman, while telling themselves it’s EVEROYONE elses fault….but I think the majority of them, are men who just haven’t jerked off, before writing.

I think silly boys, in general, only have enough blood to run one data processing center at a time. So here’s my suggestion, before you write to a girl, jerk off! Getting ass comes later. You may find you’re actually not at ALL interested in her. OR, you find you ARE interested in her, even after getting the poison out, which is GREAT!

Now you’ll be able to interact with her in a way that is about HER long term needs, and not your temporary ones…which I promise, works INFINITLEY better 100% of the time.

Read that again.

Now, you have to realize that I’m talking to the rookie “Dom’s” here. The guys who are just learning what the shapes, colors, and letter’s of the Fet world are…and struggling through it.

There are more experienced men who have the ability to read between the lines of what a woman is saying, and understands the difference between what she wants, and what she needs. These men can dance around a bit, they can push back a bit, they can duck and weave and seduce a woman by intentionally circumventing some of her instructions…but these men are rare, and are usually DEEPLY aware of human nature. These men demonstrate an intuitive understanding of a womans world…She may say “I only want blue M&M’s” but he knows that just because she’s testing to see if he’s actually “Leading” instead of just wanting to “be in charge” , so he gives her red ones instead.

So, again, unless you’re Interview with the Vampire levels of intuitive understanding of a womans psyche, I promise you, LISTENING to her, will get you MUCH further.

And the key to that is? That’s right. Jerking off before you message.