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There is an epidemic of Fet, or perhaps it exists across all forms of social media, of perceived ownership of a public figure.

I see it all the time. A woman changes her hairstyle, gains or loses a few pounds, breaks up or gets together with a man, and the comment section overflows with this patriarchal nonsense.

“She’s a bitch. Just look at her”. “She looked way better 20 pounds ago”. Guys, I heard she’s on drugs, makes sense, stupid whore”. “We should find her home address and pay her a visit. Hehe”. “I heard she looks like shit in person”. “This bitch is a dumb slut, I tried messaging her 20 times in a row and she never answered, stuck up whore”

Comments like these are posted, under my photos, CONSTANTLY. Its as if the posters think that I’m less of a person, and more of an, event, that they own. Like a new video game console, or a piece of machinery, or a restaurant, rather then a human being.

Maybe it’s the “power” of the internet. Lonely, angry, disillusioned men, hiding behind keyboards, holding their penis, tearing down women, because they are angry at the world. Or perhaps social media is eroding our sense of compassion and humanity….women become objects, rather thy real, feeling, thinking beings. Maybe Fet is partly to blame, men get so caught up in thy fantasy of a “slut/whore” that they completely disassociate from the reality that its a FANTASY….

Whatever it is, guys, check yourselves.

The peanut (penis) gallery doesn’t get laid... they get blocked, and lose all chance at actually connecting with a girl. Don’t be that fucking guy. Don’t be a loser.

Be the guy who keeps all the abusive comments to himself.

You collect more flies with honey, than vinegar.


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